Quick Use Guide

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Logging into your BrokrQuotes account is easy. And you'll be taken directly to your broker dashboard.

Tip: Each member of your agency will have a unique login, whether they're a broker / producer or CSR.

Easily manage your account

Set up and control your agency and broker profiles from one place. Securely link your billing account in seconds.

Create groups quickly

Adding groups is fast and easy. Save general information, effective date, and contributions amounts for employees and dependents.

Tip: You can add members one by one, or use our census uploader to include up to fifty (50) group members and their dependents in seconds.

Find and sort plans

Explore hundreds of plans for each group, based on effective date and location. Immediately see rates broken out by family, contribution type, and more.

Tip: You can adjust contribution amounts on the fly from the plan design page.